TruBliss Yoga encourages you to go green and be healthy. 
We carry a number of different products to help you look and feel your best.


BMats Revolutionary rubber B mats offer all the key features yogis appreciate: comfort and cushioning, soft yet strong construction, non-offensive rubber smell due to innovative production, lightweight and durable. Visit their website at

Inner Fire makes yoga and lifestyle clothing that honours Mother Earth. Proudly made by hand in Vancouver, Canada.

Puravida bracelets are hand made in Costa Rica with love and gratitude. Your bracelet purchase  helps the Costa Rican community provide jobs to their people. All bracelets are unisex, waterproof, and one size fits all — so wear them in the shower,  the ocean, or anywhere you want. As a member of One Percent for the Planet, Pura Vida donates a portion of its proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots foundation dedicated to cleaning up beaches and oceans around the world.

Wonderlove Malas Designed by a local girl with a curious heart, Wonder Love Malas' mission is to make gypsy jewels available to the everyday yogi, soul-searcher and inner peace-seeker. Created with natural woods, seeds and gemstones, each mala is handmade with love and intention in Newcastle, ON. Let the colour and energy of each mala choose you, before you choose the mala. Namaste.




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