Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. The term vinyasa refers to the alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asanas into a dynamic flow.

This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component as your teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale flow.

We at TruBliss are proud to offer vinyasa-style yoga, in the various classes below.

BEGINNER FLOW (Preregistered) – returns in September

This great series of classes is designed for the Beginner Yogi!  It helps you learn the practice from the first steps—moving at a slower pace—so you can understand the basic postures and breath. Not only will the instructor take you through a slower flow she will also break down the postures as required. No previous Yoga experience is necessary. This series is on Fridays at 8pm. 6 weeks for just $60.00 plus tax. On summer vacay until mid-Sept. Keep an eye on our  What's New page for the September start date.


Dowel Flow

Dowels are a unique prop to enhance stretching, strengthening, and  alignment of your yoga postures. They are easily incorporated into the  flow of yoga and they bring a new light of awareness into your  physical, mental and spiritual practice. Join Courtney every Saturday morning at 9:30am to experience how her hand-crafted dowels will take  you deeper into your practice. You will give your body love and  nourishment with the dowels through self massage of major muscle  groups at the end of every class.



This strengthening flow is an all levels class focusing on the connection of breath and movement as a way to energize and create vitality throughout the entire body. This practice includes variations of sun salutations to wake up the body and invigorate the individual Soul! There is a focus on alignment and the offering of many modifications and variations. Here we will also learn to let go of any judgment and /or criticism and learn how to listen to our bodies’ needs and pay attention to its limitations, which will enable us to listen less to our egos and more to our hearts! Temperature for this class is set to 78˚F.



A challenging 75 minute class of flowing postures designed to strengthen, release and balance the major lines of forces in the body (front, back, sides and spiral). These postures, flowing together, will include a modified version and a progression toward various arm balances. Aside from the playfulness of this class we will also  slow down with breath work and end with a sweet 10 minute savasana. Join Anderson every Sunday morning this summer for this new hot and playful flow.



This is an all levels class where Yoga meets strength and mobility. This non-repetitive class is designed to help you move well, feel good, and get functionally fit. Building and maintaining strength and healthy range of motion is essential when it comes to injury prevention, corrective exercise, longevity and overall health and well-being. Each class has an emphasis on building strength and sustaining healthy range of motion enabling us to live pain-free and efficient in our everyday lives. This class is for everyone! All you need to bring is a positive attitude and an open mind! I guarantee that you will walk out feeling strong, rejuvenated and re-energized from the inside out!



If you are looking to de-stress, unwind and stretch it out, this class is for you. This class is great for beginner yogis or those wishing to slow down their practice and go back to basics. We will focus on gentle flowing movements, listening to the needs of our bodies and setting intentions.  Class includes a gentle warm-up, flowing movement and a relaxing savasana at the end.



Hot Yinyasa is the perfect balance of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga combined into a heated 75-minute class. This energizing class begins with 15 minutes of Yin Yoga to increase flexibility, melt stress away, and to deepen your awareness into your body and mind. Beginning each class with passive yin postures is the ultimate compliment to your active yoga practice to help build strength and concentration! The final 60 minutes are dedicated to a dynamic Vinyasa Flow where you will experience the positive effects of balancing ying and yang on your mat.  Fridays at 6:30 pm–7:45pm, starting April 6.




Our Hot Vinyasa Flow class is a flowing sequence of diverse postures performed in a heated room where the temperature is set between 95-100 F. We will move powerfully through alignment based asanas to create a vigorous flow that will connect your body, mind and breath. This somewhat vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice will have you moving and sweating in a challenging but fun way. Hot Vinyasa flow is suitable for all levels as modifications are offered. Join us every day as each instructor puts her own spin on the beautifully flowing class!


PRENATAL YOGA (Preregistered)

Join us for our prenatal yoga class – a class that provides a nurturing environment with an experienced certified prenatal teacher. Our instructors will help you get through the common discomforts of pregnancy and help you to strengthen muscles needed for labour and birth. We will also focus on connecting with the water that surrounds your baby as we help you flow through your breath. Call, email or drop in to the studio to register. Cost is just $84 + tx for the six week program. Check our What's New section for the next 6 week start dates or call or email the studio for more details.



Using yoga asanas (postures) as a moving meditation, this class helps you shut out the noise, and tune into your inner voice. Build a strong foundation for your practice with focus on alignment, breath connection and mindful movement. Class includes a gentle warm-up, sun salutations to build heat, strengthening and centering poses, and a sweet savasana to end. Suitable for all levels, this class offers modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of poses.


Restorative and Gentle Movement

Gentle Yoga is suitable for everybody of all ages and levels.  Each class will include meditation, pranayama, restorative and therapeutic practice. We will occasionally use Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to release tension, increase range of motion in your joints, and erase pain. Rehab your body to discover deep relaxation and well being. . Sundays at 11:15 am, Tuesdays at 12 noon.


Restorative Tune Up®

Put the power of self-massage into your own hands. Each week you will learn how to use different Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to release tension, increase range of motion in your joints, and erase pain. Reset your body with gentle stretches and discover deep relaxation. Suitable for all levels this class is back on Thursdays at 12 noon with Wendy.



Yin Yoga is a slow, deep practice that increases your flexibility by stretching and stimulating the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Postures are held for up to a few minutes to encourage a deepening of awareness and sensation in the body. This class is a beautiful compliment to more yang styles of yoga such as hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga. Mondays at 6:45pm, Wednesdays at 8pm.



This  class is a challenging but an accessible practice, where Yoga meets strength! Join us as we combine strength training and mobility using functional yoga and light weights to add resistance. Building and maintaining strength is essential for injury prevention on and off the mat. Each class is a new sequence that will transform you in and out, leaving you feeling strong, confident and awake! The atmosphere is upbeat, fun and playful with the guarantee that you will walk out feeling rejuvenated and re-energized. All levels of practice are welcome (modifications are always available). All you need to bring is an open mind and a positive attitude. Join Kristy  Tuesdays @ 9:45 am  and Thursdays at 6:45pm to get your strength on!








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