Tejanna Desiree, 200 RYT

Classes Taught:

Hot Vinyasa

Substitute Instructor


When I attended my first ever yoga class, well, to be honest ... I didn’t really enjoy myself. It was hot, I wasn’t flexible, I was in my own head, it didn’t feel right. So into the back pocket yoga went. Then, after finding myself in a total life tragedy, I turned to meditation. Meditation opened up the realm of possibility ... maybe I didn’t hate yoga? Maybe I should give it another go ... it was then, that I fell in love.

I fell so in love that I almost immediately enrolled myself in the 200hr program at Balanced Life Yoga. I found myself wanting to learn more. I traveled to India study for a month, then found myself in a Yoga Goddess retreat in Costa Rica. In 2017, I enrolled  at Goddess Flow Yoga at Ahimsa, and knew my journey had led me to this teacher training.

I seek to invoke movement in all of our bodies, minds and souls and to bring the amazing teachings of the Goddesses into our every day practices, on and off the mat. I seek to bring not only flexibility and strength building practices, but also those of acceptance, non-judgment and love. I cannot wait to practice with you!




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